Water Damage Restoration Company in Omaha, NE

When your home floods, fast action is essential to salvage floors, walls and furniture. Call Above Average Painting & Drywall right away.

Don't let a relatively small issue like a broken dishwasher or leaking water heater turn into thousands of dollars of structural damage. As soon as the source of the flooding has been stopped, our water restoration team goes to work to dry out your flooded home, business or basement.

Flooding can also occur as the result of storms and other natural disasters. In these cases, the damage may be more serious. Dry-out techniques may not be enough. In cases of more serious flooding, we will remove affected furniture and other items and attempt to prevent further damage from moisture and mold. After a thorough damage assessment, we will tear out and replace unsalvageable carpets, flooring and drywall.
Water Restoration, Above Average Painting & Drywall, Omaha, NE